The GRE® General Test user interface, also known as the "look and feel," was updated in July. The test structure, content and question types did not change. Introduced in May, POWERPREP™ Online reflects the updated look and is available FREE to test takers from their ETS Account to help them prepare for the test.
第一, GRE考试将采用全新的界面。这套界面在7月份更新,将从最新的考试使用。

同时五月份的Powerprep Online也已经更新了这一界面,大家现在登录ETS GRE的账号(注意是国外的那个账户哦)就可以看到新版的界面了。
GRE Subject Tests scoring method changes: Beginning with tests administered in September 2017 and similar to the GRE General Test, test takers' scores on the GRE Subject Tests will now be based on the number of questions answered correctly. Nothing is subtracted from a score if a question is answered incorrectly. So, to help future test takers maximize their scores, you should advise them that it is better to guess at an answer than to not respond at all.
第二, GRE subject Test算分方式发生变化,从9月份开始,GRE subject Test将不再倒扣分,完全和GRE general test一致,只关注正确的题目。

New subscores for the GRE Psychology Subject Test: To better meet the needs of graduate psychology programs, the GRE Program will introduce six new subscores, effective with the September 2017 test administration, in place of the two current subscores.
第三, 心理学的sub考试将引入6个小分报分机制,取代之前的两个小分。

New GRE Scorelink® Record Layout: with these changes to the Psychology Test, the GRE score record layouthas been changed to accommodate the fields needed for the new Psychology Test subscores. The additions did not change the position of any other fields.
第四, 由于心理学小分的部分发生变化,GRE score record的版面也发生了相应变化

变化仅在新的psychology test,所以对大家影响变化不大。
Recruitment with the GRE® Search Service just got even simpler: A recent pricing policy change means programs using this popular recruitment tool now pay only for the names they need with no more annual participation fee. Other enhancements may help stretch your budget further. For details, contact a Search Service specialist or learn more now.
第五, 使用GRE@Search Service将更加简便。

Key takeaways

总之,GRE要用新界面啦!然后Subject Test没有倒扣分机制啦!



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