2023年2月4日雅思大作文题目示范写作 | 个人用水自由


Some people think they have right to use as much fresh water as they want. Others otherwise believe governments should strictly control the use of fresh water as it is a limited resource. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. (2023/02/04)




With the boom of population and blossom of industry, the demand for fresh water, a limited resource, has been surging at an alarming rate. Some people, accordingly, advocate to tighten the control over fresh water consumption, which is in contrast to the view that people are entitled to use water recklessly.


本题是2016年的原题重现,形式是双边观点类,讨论关于淡水资源使用的问题;审题时需要注意前者观点中的绝对化表达as much as they want 以及后者的tightly control的程度;

  • boom n.迅速发展
  • blossom n.繁盛,兴旺
  • are entitled to v.享有
  • recklessly adv.鲁莽地;不顾一切地

Body 1

Water, one of the most valuable natural resources on the earth, is the lifeblood of life and the link that binds all living beings on the planet. The public, as is argued by a group of people, should enjoy the basic right to access sufficient fresh water in their daily lives for domestic purposes, be it preparing food or doing the laundry. Additionally, the industrial production is in correspondingly more dependence on water resources, be it fueling the manufacture of commodities or contributing to the agricultural irrigation.  Without the unfettered access to water,people’s fundamental needs cannot be satisfied, which further spawns more life and social problems. The restricted use of water,for example, engenders less irrigation on agriculture, which will induce the deduction of food output, thereby triggering the latent threat of famine.



  • lifeblood n.生机的根源;生命必须的血液;
  • bind v.捆绑,系;包扎;使紧密联系;
  • unfettered adj.自由的;无拘无束的;
  • spawn vt.酿成,造成;
  • engender vt.使产生;造成;
  • latent adj.(性质,状态)潜在的,隐藏的;

Body 2

Nonetheless, from my perspective, despite the indispensable role it plays, finite water resources, the fresh potable water in particular, could not bear lavish and infinite exploitation of we human beings. Meanwhile, A ballooning number of population has occasioned mushrooming water demands globally, but the awareness of water saving is lost when. A raft of people are seen using water prodigally in many cases such as watering bodies more than one hour or brushing their teeth with tap water running. Without conservation efforts, water scarcity is bound to be ticklish global issue. By this token, strict governance is of paramount significance in ensuring sustainable utilization of water. The government, as the one most capable and likely to address any social issues, is supposed to enact tougher laws and carry out relevant punishment such as imposing a price hike or heavy fine to accomplish the purpose of deterrent, constricting large companies and individuals from unnecessarily and improvidently clearing water.




  • potable adj.适于饮用的;可饮用的;
  • lavish adj.浪费的;无节制的;
  • ballooning adj.急速增长的;
  • occasion vt.引起;造成;
  • mushrooming adj.急速增长的;
  • a raft of 大量的;许多;
  • prodigally adv.浪费地;
  • ticklish adj.棘手的;难对付的;
  • paramount adj.至为重要的,首要的;
  • address vt.设法解决;处理;
  • enact v.制定,通过,颁布(法令)
  • price hike n. 提价;
  • deterrent n.威慑,遏制;威慑武器
  • improvidently adv.浪费地;无远见地;奢侈地;


To recapitulate, water, in view of its insufficiency, is in desperate need for preservation with acts from the government and the public should also be warned not to be extravagant with such precious resources and economize on fresh water resource with such petty matters as taking a quick shower and fixing dripping taps, shouldering the responsibility by actively engaging in sharing the burden.


  • recapitulate vi.概括;重述要点;
  • extravagant adj.奢侈的,挥霍的;
  • economize vi.节约,有效利用;
  • petty adj.小的;轻微的;


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